US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
Vision Strengthen our nation and the world by rendering chemical threats medically harmless.
Mission Discover and develop medical products and knowledge solutions against chemical threats through research, education and training, and consultation.

Goals 1) Execute comprehensive, basic scientific research and use established and emerging technologies that support the transition of products to advanced development.
2) Develop education and training capabilities for military, interagency, domestic, and international personnel in the medical management of chemical casualties.
3) Provide a venue for mutually beneficial collaboration with external investigators and interagency partners to conduct medical chemical defense research against chemical warfare agents.
4) Provide a capability for Good Laboratory Practice expertise.
5) Share scientific information via peer-reviewed journals, publications, presentations, and technology to ensure an unparalleled knowledge base of medical chemical defense information.
6) Foster a working community of dedicated military and civilian professionals who are productive and enthusiastic about working in the medical chemical defense research program.

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The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) is the DoD lead laboratory for medical chemical defense research.